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Reagents for drilling and production



  Our company is a manufacturer of drilling chemicals such as GIPAN-1, 0.7, VPRG and RDBR. Drilling reagents were developed with the participation of VNIIBT, Moscow and NPO Burenie (formerly VNIIKRneft), Krasnodar, in order to replace imported drilling reagents of similar action. Such as: Sypan, DK-Drill A-1, POLIKEM-PAS, POLIKEM-D, etc. Work on their creation was carried out by order of Gazprom and financed by the state, the main goal of all research was to create 4-5 reagents that could replace all imported reagents imported into the USSR.

 Drilling reagents of our production perfectly compete with similar imported reagents, and this is confirmed by the constant growth in sales of drilling reagents over the past years. Among our regular customers there are a number of oil and gas producing companies in Russia and neighboring countries, so we hope that our offer for mutually beneficial cooperation will not go unnoticed!


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