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Shelf life: 3 years

Shelf life of working solutions: 14 days

Sulfochlorantin-D is a white powder with a mild smell of chlorine. It contains 1,3-dichloro 5,5-dimethylhydantoin (dichloranthin) as an active ingredient, in addition, detergents and other functional additives..


It is used for disinfection and treatment of surfaces indoors and outdoors, hard furniture, surfaces of appliances, apparatus, sanitary equipment, etc.  When carrying out the final, current and preventive disinfection in medical institutions (MPU), microbiological, diagnostic and other laboratories, treatment rooms, kindergartens and schools. Disinfection of food transport, public transport, etc.

Медицинские учреждения Населением в бытуУчебные заведения Сфера дошкольного образованияКлиннинг Индустрия красоты, СПАМуниципальные объектыВооруженные силы, МВД, МЧСОбщественное питаниеТорговля (магазины, рынки)Гостиничный бизнесБассейны и баниВетеринария Спортивные объекты Общественный транспорт Массовые мероприятия Мусоропроводы и Мусорные баки Птицефабрики


Means is issued in a polymeric container weighing 1 kg, 0.8 kg. and bags of 300 gr. Packed in cardboard boxes of 9 cans, 12 cans and 15 kg bags. respectively. For the convenience of preparing solutions, each jar has a 10 g measuring spoon. 


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Chemical composition:

  • 1,3-dichloro 5,5-dimethylhydantoin (dichloranthin),
  • detergents and other functional additives.
Active substance:
  • 1,3-dichloro 5,5-dimethylhydantoin (dichloranthin)


Release form:

  • white powder



  • It has an antimicrobial effect against gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria (including mycobacterium tuberculosis and pathogens of especially dangerous infections - plague, cholera, tularemia, legionellosis), viruses, fungi of the genus Candida and dermatophytes.
  • Detergent properties.
  • Solubility in water 25 g/l. Aqueous solutions transparent colorless 



  • Working solutions of the agent are prepared in enameled or glass containers by dissolving it in water in accordance with the calculations.
  • Surfaces in the premises (floor, walls, etc.), hard furniture, surfaces of appliances, apparatus, sanitary equipment, irrigate or wipe with a rag soaked in a solution of the drug. The consumption rate of the working solution for wiping is 100 ml/m2, for irrigation 150 ml/m2 (Quasar sprayer) or 300 ml/m2 (hydraulic control, automax).
  • Rubber mats are wiped with a rag or immersed in a solution. After disinfection is completed, wet cleaning is carried out, the room is ventilated.
  • The dishes are freed from food debris and immersed in the product solution at a consumption rate of 2 liters per 1 set. The container is closed with a lid. After disinfection, the dishes are washed with water until the smell of chlorine disappears.
  • Medical devices are immersed in the solution of the drug: detachable products in disassembled form, tools with locking parts open, having previously made several working movements with them in the solution. After disinfection, medical devices are washed with running tap water for 3 minutes.
  • Linen is soaked in a container with a solution at a consumption rate of 5 liters per 1 kg of dry linen. The container is closed with a lid. After disinfection, linen is washed and rinsed.
  • Patient care items and toys are immersed in the solution and covered with a lid or wiped with a rag soaked in the drug solution. Large toys are disinfected by irrigation.
  • Cleaning equipment (rags) is soaked in a solution of the product, washed and dried after disinfection.
  • Sputum collected in a container is poured with a disinfectant solution at the rate of 2 volumes of solution per 1 volume of sputum. The container is closed with a lid.


Hazard Class:

  • Class 4 low-hazard compounds - when applied to the skin.
  • 3 hazard class if ingested
  • When exposed to vapors (when wiping), working solutions do not cause irritation of the respiratory tract and mucous membranes  shells of the eyes. 


Best before date:

  • funds 3 years,
  • working solutions for 14 days.


Storage conditions:

  • store in unopened packaging of the manufacturer in covered warehouses at a distance of at least 1 m from heating devices at a temperature not exceeding +40 ° C, protecting from direct sunlight and moisture, the height of the stack should not exceed 1.5 m;
  • Store working solutions in a closed container away from sources of heat and light.



  • TU 9392-010-58949915-2005
Application area
In the everyday life of the population, Infectious foci, Treatment-and-prophylactic institutions, Public catering establishments, Educational institutions, Organizations of preschool education. 
Processing objects

Pharmaceutical utensils, Underwear, Bed linen, Discharges of the patient (urine, feces, sputum), Children's and social institutions, communal facilities, Rigid furniture, Fluid after rinsing the throat, Toys, medical devices made of metals, rubbers based on natural and silicone rubber, glass , plastics, conventional medical devices, disposable medical devices before disposal, Tools for hairdressing, massage, beauty salons, Utilities (baths, swimming pools, hotels, etc.), Blood, Laboratory glassware, Honey. waste from textile materials (cotton and gauze swabs, gauze, bandages), Sputum, Waste collection equipment, garbage chutes, Shoes made of plastic, rubber, Disposable tableware, Food waste, Indoor surfaces, Surfaces of devices and apparatuses, Dishes without food residues, Dishes from - under secretions, Dishes with food residues, Microscopy slides, Items for washing dishes, Personal hygiene items, Patient care items, Patient care items contaminated with secretions, Patient care items not contaminated with secretions, Rubber and polypropylene mats, Sanitary technical equipment, Sanitary vehicles, Flushing water, Tableware, Food transport vehicles, Cleaning equipment.

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It is a white tablet. It is prescribed for disinfection and washing of surfaces, hard and upholstered furniture, floor coverings of objects.

It is intended for disinfection of indoor surfaces, furniture, sanitary equipment, linen, dishes, final disinfection and general cleaning.



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